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Pause Platform 30-Pack (Military pricing)


Pause Platform 30-Pack (Military pricing)

$ 2,995.00 $ 7,470.00

The Pause Platform is the most advanced Parenting Platform ever created. It is a mobile-ready, 24x7 online growth management system. The platform is accessible via computer, tablet and smartphone. Through technology, the Platform guides people through the process of, not only learning concepts, but actually changing their mindsets and behaviors. The Pause Platform utilizes learning science and micro-learning to accomplish this. By utilizing all the different ways that people learn (visually, aurally, socially, verbally, etc.) and by breaking down large concepts into smaller chunks, learning takes place...and so does growth. That’s why Pause Platform is the first of its kind—a true growth management system.

The Platform lists for $249 per person, but we are offering exceptional discounts on bundled purchase for military installations. Available in a convenient 30-pack, you will receive 30 codes for you to distribute electronically to your families. No boxes, no shipping, no hassle. These licenses are being made available at 60% off - 30 for $2,995.00. 

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